jeudi, mars 22, 2007

Weeper on the shore... (warning: gross)

I keep (stu)dying... ^^
I tried to illustrate the feeling of guilt... and by the way tried to be as cool as certain very influent masters... I let you guess who... ^^ (I'm currently doing a second and softer version of this idea...)
take care and thanks for all your encouraging comments!

6 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

great piece man! keep up the goodness

Anonyme a dit…

Alors là bravo, c'est génial! Ca vaut bien les 6,023.10^23 fans que ça va t'apporter!

Quoi qu'il arrive garde bien la tête sur les épaules, évite de perdre la tête et surtout ne soit pas tête en l'air!

Encore, encore svp!

Mishkin a dit…

great work coconuts !! Oué, elle fait peur d'abord...

Laura Braga a dit…

Great illustration, Anders!!!
I love the atmosphere you put in your pictures. For me this last pic is fantastic.
Great work.

Laura :)

Anonyme a dit…

Gosh !
Quelle expression dans ce regard !
A glacer le sang !

Cereal Killer a dit…

he he he...
why does Dimitri call you coconuts?
is a nickname?

Anyhow.....i really like this one, i think it is my favourite from all your blog.
I made a similar stuff on photoshop, but not a drawing, i just touched the pic to get the effect.
I want to change my style into a more blood and dark this one.
Let´s see.

( =_=)/

By the way, do you know what would be a great idea? To put her shadow without the head or something like that.....