dimanche, juillet 22, 2007

Push the envelope. Watch it bend...

First of all, thank you all guys for your previous comments, I'm so glad that you guys like 'the nuns' this much!!! I really apreciate your constant support!!Thank you so much!!

And here, we've got a modest little speed painting, a girl for a change, and alive!!! waow!!
( done with real inks and painted with AP)
Take care.

5 commentaires:

Gretchen a dit…

The unthinkable happens. People keep faith ! :
2 posts and Anders paints living babes now ?

She looks beautiful and mysterious : ) a nighty feel in this one too .
I love the lighting of the whole picture .
Specially how the eyes pop out, so subtle : )

keep it up !

François Subtil a dit…

Du bon! encore du bon! toujours du bon!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Evolution notable dans l'oeuvre de Anders...
Bientôt elle enlève le haut ?

Unknown a dit…


I like this one very much!!
That melancholy gaze upon us...
I'm truly moved by it.

Keep it up!!


Anonyme a dit…

hé hé vicieuse c petites hiènes!! exellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!