vendredi, février 29, 2008

Soul Groove...

Hi all!
sorry for the lack of updates but I'm currently extreeeeeemely busy.... (but it's ok! ^^), no real time to draw, so, some insignificant speed-pantings (from 5 minutes to 1 hour...) done recently, and for once, I start to be happy with my clouds!
take care my friends!

Edit: I add this coloured doodle also quickly painted.

ps: my good fellas Sat and B. have some exhibitions in Paris, so if you're somewhere around, their respective works deserve a look! (feel free to click on the images below to check out their websites)

7 commentaires:

Christophe a dit…

AH ! DU NOUVEAU !!! Je suis très heureux de découvrir de nouvelles illus chez toi ! :)
Ta créature est super inquiétante, j'aime beaucoup son design ! ;)
Tes autres croquis sont tout aussi intéressants ! Les nuages sont très réussis !

A+ Mister Very Busy !
Bon courage !!!

André Toma a dit…

Thank you for visiting and commenting, Anders!
I drew this X-Men piece is in the wall of my old house. It was a time that I really wanted to draw super heroes comics.
Things has changed a little...
Anyway, about the link...your job is excellent! Such a great inspiration!
You don't need to thank me!
See ya!

Ingrid a dit…

Je ne dirai qu'un mot !!!

_ _ _ _ _ _ !!!!!!!!!


Unknown a dit…

Your work is looking phenomenal, man. Keep it up.

DAD a dit…

P....n ! T'en fait des drôles de bestioles pourrites !
Sinon, c'est bien vu...
Professionnel I suppose....
Ca sert à quoi les mots à la con qu'il faut écrire,(genre:wtfzlglozo) avant de pouvoir te passer un com ?
En plus c'est tout de travers....

Luky a dit…

c'est vraiment siiuuuuuper!


Hola tìo
I really love the composition of images, witha lot of white! really high-class