dimanche, août 01, 2010

Mine is the Grandeur...

Small oil study, I like this Don Quixote statuette a lot, probably because of its Mignola-like face.
(I need to say that the lights on the top part look actually ways better, I still don't know how to take a good picture of the paintings... ^^)
take care.


7 commentaires:

S.D. a dit…

Parce que tu les vends tes toiles?! C'est chouette ça!!!! ^_^

Anders a dit…

non, mais si on insiste, je fais un effort! ^^

Naima Amarilli a dit…


Laura Braga a dit…

Hi Anders,
your paintings are amazing and this is really great, very nice lights!
Compliments and good work!
See U ;)

Unknown a dit…

really inspiring work!

Peter a dit…

love the strong contrast and blocky brush strokes. looks like a skulptur...?

Anders a dit…

thanks a million everyone!
I really appreciate your support.

Peter,you're right, the model is a tiny wood sculpture.