lundi, octobre 31, 2016

The best, the rest, the rare...

'happy dinosaur is happy' sketch.
take care.

dimanche, mai 08, 2016

Lake of Fire...

this year's tribute to Sophie.
take care.

dimanche, mars 06, 2016

My Electricity...

cameo! :)
take care.

mercredi, mars 02, 2016

Forever Becoming...

here is a couple of recent paintings.
hope you'll like them.
take care.

mercredi, décembre 30, 2015


onwards, to glory! :D
take care.

lundi, décembre 28, 2015


randomly made.
take care.

dimanche, décembre 13, 2015


Long time no paint!
Copper skull study. (skull courtesy of Cu Nature).
take care.

vendredi, août 21, 2015

Pain Divine...

scabs design - unused.
take care.

mardi, août 18, 2015

Apostle of Evil...

BlackWolf from Ralph Bashki's Wizards.
take care.

mercredi, août 12, 2015

But All Has Changed...

concept art.
take care.

jeudi, juin 18, 2015


take care.

mercredi, juin 10, 2015

The God Interface...

random sky pochade and step by step.
take care.

dimanche, juin 07, 2015


long time no sky.
take care.

dimanche, mai 31, 2015


melting dog, from the sketchbook.
take care.

samedi, mai 23, 2015

Dark Matter...

from class.
take care.