samedi, avril 26, 2008

Two To Tango....

Currently discovering Artrage...

jeudi, avril 24, 2008

The Lunatic Fringe...

here is a something like 20 minutes inking recreation.

take care!

vendredi, avril 18, 2008

Secret Face...

a little quick thing done a few days ago, just to let you know that I'm still alive! ^^
I dig that kind of "not so relax" faces.
some better and cooler things soon!
thanks a lot for your comments and support!
take care.

mercredi, avril 02, 2008

I See... I See Monsters...

Hi there!
First of all, thanks a million for your appreciated comments and support for the last artworks!

So, here we have a strange composition of strange quickly done 'brainless' recent sketches, I'm in a kind of deep see monsters period, so...
Maybe I should try to correct and paint it...
I hope i'll find some time to do and post some inked cool stuff soon.

And as promised, the explanation for the last artwork. I was trying to do something "centered", and try new things while painting and it was like this sketches composition, just several elements mixed to give the illusion of some symbolic stuff hidden in it, there is no messages or stuffs in it, just the theory that, like we talked with Dio once, the less we understand what we see, the most we seem to like it. Let me know what do you think about this, I'll be curious to know your opinions.

take care.

a special french-mates ps: hey, mon pote Mishkin sort son premier album, allez y, c'est du tout bon, sincèrement!!! les yeux fermés que ça s'achète ce genre de friandises!! (et même que si vous cliquez sur l'image, je vous mâche le travail!)