samedi, mars 22, 2014


study with a different palette.
take care.

dimanche, mars 16, 2014

a Capella...

sleep waking loose sketch.
take care.

samedi, mars 15, 2014


waking up micro-sketch.
take care.

mercredi, mars 05, 2014

An Ache for the Distance...

'northlanders - the girl in the ice'
take care.

mardi, mars 04, 2014

Conference Of The Birds...

still messing around with random brushes.
take care.

dimanche, mars 02, 2014


detail of a much larger piece - wip.
take care.

samedi, mars 01, 2014

The March...

I was eating a slice of bread with a good amount of cheese on it when suddenly I saw a kaiju-esque face in it (see the next image, I took a pic), so i decided to do something about it and here we are...
take care.