samedi, juillet 26, 2008

End Comes Easy...

hop! the last recreation!
thanks to all for your feedbacks about the tortoise below!
and take care.

dimanche, juillet 20, 2008



samedi, juillet 19, 2008

The Thing That Should Not Be...

Another creature...
I start to feel happy with the painting...
thank you all for your previous and encouraging comments!
take care.

jeudi, juillet 17, 2008


Just like my computer, I almost do a bug a day... ^^
So, if you like cockroaches (don't say no, you DO like them!! ^^), I highly recommend to you the movie "Joe's appartment", a real bunch of fun and extravaganza!

and, by the way, thanks to you all for your previous comments!

mardi, juillet 15, 2008

Absinth Minded...

here is a little one!!
hope you'll like it!

thank you and take care!

samedi, juillet 12, 2008

Torn Between Dimensions...

Morning speedie... something like 15 minutes...
More soon!
thanks to all and take care!

jeudi, juillet 03, 2008

Something Wild...

Back in the PS business!

here is a quick sketch of where I live...
(actually, this is a header for a website, some Malicorne sounds and a couple of hours later...)

thanks once again for your previous comments and take care.

mardi, juillet 01, 2008

Dreamlore Degenerate...

Hi all!
just messing around with watercolors, nothing really interesting but this makes me laugh a lot, a kind of stupid improvised work in progress... (sorry for the bad quality of the picture, I'll scan it properly while finished)
thanks a lot for your constant comments and support and take care!