vendredi, janvier 31, 2014

A Memorable Fancy...

10 minutes testing a new tool and I can't help it...
take care.

mardi, janvier 28, 2014

Beast of Man...

concept art.
take care.

lundi, janvier 27, 2014


take care.

dimanche, janvier 26, 2014


still beta-testing the soon to be released brushkit.
take care.

The Wickedest Man in the World...

quickly beta-testing a brushkit before its release.
take care.

jeudi, janvier 23, 2014

Can't Let Go...

another gouache study, quicker.
take care.

mercredi, janvier 22, 2014

I'm not Done...

small plein air gouache study.
take care.

mardi, janvier 21, 2014


almost 6 month without painting so here is a small gouache study.
take care.

lundi, janvier 20, 2014

Orgy in Blood...

'Machete don't sketch' - litteraly minute made.
i'm quite happy for i used no refs for this quick piece.
take care.

dimanche, janvier 19, 2014

Little People...

extreme calimero.
take care.

samedi, janvier 18, 2014

Dressed in Black...

something a bit different.
take care.

lundi, janvier 13, 2014

Within the Mind...

take care.

dimanche, janvier 12, 2014

Thick As A Brick...

take care.

samedi, janvier 11, 2014

Slow Fire...

some unused concept art with a sky inside :D
take care.

dimanche, janvier 05, 2014


take care.

samedi, janvier 04, 2014

Trapped in a Corner...

happy! ^^
take care.