jeudi, novembre 22, 2007

What are they going to do when the lights go down...

On this one, I just tried to get more "oily" with PS.
This was a sleepless night doodle that turned to a complete illustration.

mardi, novembre 13, 2007

Forging Sympathy...

Hi all, it's been a little while...
So here is a little Starwars "recreation"
I've been working on it something like 20 minutes every day since a few days, I think I'll not work this way again...
I also tried to change things, on the background for example, something more relaxed and a lot less detailed with painter, foreground with photoshop.
hope you guys will like it!
take care.

(by the way, I invite you to click on the
image for a larger view!)

And as a bonus, a little Darth Maul
quicksketch done during my lightsaber frenzy.