vendredi, septembre 25, 2009

Nighttime Birds...


the brand new one!

thanks a million to all of you for your previous comments and take care.

mercredi, septembre 23, 2009

Industrial Blowout...

Hi there!
the daily speed-painting, I'm actually kind of happy with this one.
take care.

lundi, septembre 21, 2009

Persevere and Overcome...

the morning quickie!
"Bird skull with Bluetooth"


take care.

samedi, septembre 19, 2009

Have a Cigar...


the daily quickie!
almost what I expected!

take care.

vendredi, septembre 18, 2009

Strange Impulse...

Hello there! the so-called speed painting of the day.
take care and click HERE for some friendly powerful singing!

lundi, septembre 14, 2009

Trapped in a Corner...

daily quickie again!
take care.

vendredi, septembre 11, 2009

The Great Brain Robbery...

Daily quickies...
take care!

Flesh and the Power It Holds...

"I told you once..."


currently hard working on 'The Brave' but here is the quickie of the day!
take care.