mercredi, décembre 21, 2011

A Tender History In Rust...

another small express one.
the inking buddies.
take care.

mardi, décembre 20, 2011

Soon To Be Broken...

small and quickly done.
take care.

samedi, décembre 17, 2011


this morning, I discovered there was a spider web on my easel... so I thought it was reaaaaally time to go back to practice... so here we go, a 20 something minutes oil on board study.
take care.

samedi, décembre 10, 2011

Industrial Blowout...

quick quickie.
take care.

jeudi, décembre 08, 2011

Wolverine Blues...

another quickie.
take care.

samedi, décembre 03, 2011


oh look! almost no clouds!
about 40 minutes.
take care.

vendredi, décembre 02, 2011

Cosmic Joke...

a quickly done small sky.
take care.