jeudi, décembre 31, 2009

God Must Be a Boogie Man...

a little something and a work in progress!
take care!

samedi, décembre 19, 2009

A Piece of Humanity...

Hi there!
a little quickly done thing. a personnal conception of what a good xmas tree should look like... ^^
take care.

dimanche, décembre 13, 2009

God of Emptiness...

Hi there!
a little quickie!
just for fun! ^^

take care.

dimanche, novembre 29, 2009

Blessed Are The Sick...

My very first oil painting!

take care!

vendredi, novembre 27, 2009

Uroboric Forms...

Hi there!
here is a little something!

thanks for your previous (and sometimes hilarious!) comments and take care!

samedi, novembre 14, 2009

A Moment Of Clarity...

Hi there!

'self-portrait in the open-fridge light'

ah ah ah... ^^

this could become a monthly exercise.
take care!

jeudi, novembre 12, 2009

Building a Ruin...


some inking exercises,
just because black and white drawings bring you to some unexpected fields sometimes...

take care.

lundi, octobre 26, 2009

The God Interface...

Hi all!
thank you,
and take care! ^^

vendredi, octobre 16, 2009

In Human Form...

guess (almost) who??? ^^
the daily speed painting.
thank you all for your previous comments and take care.

jeudi, octobre 08, 2009

The First Cut is the Deepest...

Hi there!
the last quickie!
now, back to the Brave!
take care.

(for people who are looking for refreshing sounds, feel free to click this WAY)

Oh, trite thing but you can see me as a special guest in Ingrid's brand new book: "Hollywood Boulevard"
I invite you to check it out! (achetez donc l'album d'Ingrid que il est très bieng, avec des vrais morceaux de passion dedans!)

this post is nothing but a giant ad! ^^'

mardi, octobre 06, 2009

Demise and Vestige...

Unfinished quickie! take care.

jeudi, octobre 01, 2009

A Predator's Portrait...

Hi there!

the new quickie!

thank you all for your comments.
Take care.

vendredi, septembre 25, 2009

Nighttime Birds...


the brand new one!

thanks a million to all of you for your previous comments and take care.

mercredi, septembre 23, 2009

Industrial Blowout...

Hi there!
the daily speed-painting, I'm actually kind of happy with this one.
take care.

lundi, septembre 21, 2009

Persevere and Overcome...

the morning quickie!
"Bird skull with Bluetooth"


take care.

samedi, septembre 19, 2009

Have a Cigar...


the daily quickie!
almost what I expected!

take care.

vendredi, septembre 18, 2009

Strange Impulse...

Hello there! the so-called speed painting of the day.
take care and click HERE for some friendly powerful singing!

lundi, septembre 14, 2009

Trapped in a Corner...

daily quickie again!
take care.

vendredi, septembre 11, 2009

The Great Brain Robbery...

Daily quickies...
take care!

Flesh and the Power It Holds...

"I told you once..."


currently hard working on 'The Brave' but here is the quickie of the day!
take care.

vendredi, juillet 31, 2009

She's a Vengeful Little Goddess With an Ancient Crown to Fight...

the daily speed painting, another bird, I guess... ^^
take care.

lundi, juillet 27, 2009

Burning Down...

the daily speed painting! take care.

lundi, juillet 20, 2009

Hard Hat Area...

Hi guys!
for the luckiest ones of you who are going to the San Diego Comic Con, you may see the complete Brave cover at the Mythic comics place.
And the guys will be there!
take care.

dimanche, juillet 19, 2009

Sweet Bird...

A rotting dead green woodpecker recently found, I've decided to paint it, so here is a quick study for, I hope, a future oil painting.
take care.

mardi, juillet 14, 2009

Surprise! You're (not) dead!...

Hi all!
Some kind of huge news!

I'm currently working for Mythic Comics, on a very cool story, The Brave. (click on the image for a 5 pages preview).

I'd like to thanks the guys from Mythic comics + the good buddy Roc!
For the people who are going to the San Diego comic con, I hope you'll take a look at the Mythic comics stand!

and cool stuff from a very good and close and everything friend here!
take care.

vendredi, juin 19, 2009

Le 3e Homme...

Hi all!
a little speed painting for it's been a little while...
thank you all for your previous comments and take care!

vendredi, mai 29, 2009

No Place For Failure... (w.i.p.)

currently finishing this...
take care!

mercredi, mai 20, 2009

Punish My Heaven...

a quickly done banner for a website.

mardi, mai 12, 2009

Gutter Tactics...

Currently flogging a dead horse...^^

samedi, avril 04, 2009


Hi there!
I'll be gone for a few days!
No internet, no cell phones, just a few friends, vultures and a lot of rocks to climb for more than a week!
That's what I call Life! (^^)

take care!

lundi, mars 30, 2009

Nowhere Fast...

pencil, a few PS and there it is!

thanks to all and take care!

vendredi, mars 27, 2009

I've got a Head Full of Quandary...

something done a few weeks ago...

thanks for your previous comments and take care!

mercredi, mars 11, 2009

Don't Interrupt The Sorrow...

I've been messing around a couple of hours with acrylics on a gessoed board.
take care...

jeudi, mars 05, 2009

Desolate Ways...

a new stuff quickly done...
Mountains rule!
take care!

mardi, février 17, 2009



jeudi, février 12, 2009

Coerced Coexistence...


samedi, février 07, 2009

Straws Pulled At Random...




mercredi, février 04, 2009

Conqueror Worm...


something done the past 2 days!
hope you'll like it!
take care and thanks again for all your great previous comments!!

"le conquistador périmé" ^^

lundi, janvier 26, 2009

Died and Gone...

acrylics on board.
it looks quite surprised, uh? ^^
take care!

vendredi, janvier 23, 2009


past 2 days recreation!
take care!

et toujours... ^^