vendredi, août 30, 2013

Aura Borealis...

take care.

mercredi, août 28, 2013


outtake one.
take care.


morning speed painting.
take care.

mardi, août 27, 2013

Here, Wait a Minute! Damn It!...

quick morning nonsense.
take care.

vendredi, août 23, 2013


take care.

mardi, août 20, 2013

Mother of Mercy...

paroxystic self esteem - curious but efficient palette though.
take care.

Glamour Box...

morning doodle.
take care.

lundi, août 19, 2013

Son of Man...

take care.

dimanche, août 18, 2013

Last Vanguard...

this was fun.
take care.

Évaluation globale

vendredi, août 16, 2013

A Minute Piece...

quick & random.
take care.

mercredi, août 14, 2013


sort of local Michael Berryman.
take care.

Mind Corruption...

another one.
take care.

mardi, août 13, 2013


take care.

lundi, août 12, 2013

Adjusting the Sun...

minute made.
take care.

dimanche, août 11, 2013

Kolöga Trolltand...

at some point I lost this one.
take care.

Seize of Change...

still sketching around.
take care.

samedi, août 10, 2013


some more research, faster this time.
take care.

vendredi, août 09, 2013

Left to Rot...

some research for some upcoming project.
take care.

Take the Throne...

extra small quick one.
take care.

jeudi, août 08, 2013

A Burnt Offering For The Bone Idol...

loose speedpainting.
take care.

mercredi, août 07, 2013


character design in progress (excerpt).
take care.

I Don't Mind...

another speedportrait.
take care.

mardi, août 06, 2013

Dr Stein...

...grows funny creatures.
take care.


take care.

lundi, août 05, 2013


T 800 fantasy - speedpainting - digital.
I'm often asked "why do you do only portraits?"
well my answer is "why not?" ahah!
actually it's just a matter of time, a portrait is quick and fun to do, I do these to warm up a bit or to relax so it always comes to what i like most to paint.
take care.

dimanche, août 04, 2013

To the Wolves...

speed painting - experiment - digital.
take care.

vendredi, août 02, 2013

Freak Jesus...

classic - sketch.
take care.