vendredi, août 22, 2008

The Earth Is My Witness...

speed paintings of the day!
probably unconsciously influenced by 'the sound of perseverance" cover art for the first one and the second consciously by the book drawn by the buddy Thim (click on the cover for more informations!^^).
And I know I know... it's always the same thing, kind of portraits of something scary... I can't help it... sorry... ^^
thanks for your permanent support!

jeudi, août 14, 2008

Darkzone Anthems...

sketches on shitpaper ^^
sorry for the bad quality...

+ an extra bonus quick painting of the biggest one!

mardi, août 12, 2008

When The Link Becomes Missing...

another speed painting, for fun, mixing different tools.
take care!

ps for Miss M. : I'm slowly changing my palette! \o/

samedi, août 09, 2008

Ad Astra...

hop! the friday night quickie!!