lundi, juillet 28, 2014


I like it rough.
take care.

dimanche, juillet 27, 2014

How Could I...

sunday fun.
take care.

samedi, juillet 26, 2014


evening fun.
take care.

lundi, juillet 21, 2014

The Glove...

sketchbook soufflet.
take care.

jeudi, juillet 17, 2014

A Near Life Experience...

some concept art.
take care.

lundi, juillet 14, 2014


quick random dude of the night.
take care.

dimanche, juillet 13, 2014

Here Before...

random quick dude of the night.
take care.

samedi, juillet 12, 2014


almost heroic quick dude.
take care.

mercredi, juillet 02, 2014

Can't Let Go...

less loose demo.
take care.

mardi, juillet 01, 2014

Those Who Remember...

random concept art.
this image is dedicated to Sophie.
take care.