jeudi, septembre 18, 2008

Flattening of Emotions...

Hi there!
Here are my very first acrylic paintings!
amazing to see how exciting this is, I thought it was a kind of torture, but not at all, a real bunch of fun.
I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I'm currently unable to scan the pieces.
More to come soon (I hope! ^^)
thanks a million for your support and take care!

4 commentaires:

David Malan a dit…

Thanks for coming by, these are fantastic. I think the compositions are really strong and they are very well painted. I love the middle one, you should do more.

Anonyme a dit…

Ah ben les voilà réunies ces fameuses acryliques !
Tu vois tonton, tes craintes peuvent désormais être dissipées, tu t'en sors très bien :)

Rui Sousa a dit…

Your work is amazing! congratulations!

Rui Sousa (O temporário)

Christophe a dit…

Salut poulet ! =)

Tes illus me font penser à celles que je trouvais dans les livres de sciences au collège … c'est pas péjoratif, hein !! :)

Toujours aussi à l'aise dans le rendu des matières !